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    "Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." II Corinthians 3:17

October 27, 2012

Mark Clayton Stands Up to Protect the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Fundamental Civil Rights for Tennessee Democrats and Against the Dictates of a Self-Appointed Privileged Mob



Mark Clayton responds today:

"Chip Forrester was never elected in the first place -- he was appointed by self-appointed party bosses who stripped Democrats of their right to vote for party leadership. No matter the outcome of the elections, we will not rest until we restore the right to vote to Tennessee Democrats. We shall overcome through legislation, lobbying, and litigation and the help of Almighty God. We will not allow the next party chair to be appointed by self-appointed party bosses while we Democrats have no say.

Unlike Forrester who was appointed by unelected bosses, the next party chair must be elected by Democrats.

Forrester's mob never has spoken for Democrats and has never been elected by Democrats. A self-chosen mob not chosen by Democrats appointed Chip Forrester, unlike Mark Clayton who was elected by Democrats in a valid election. The days of cronyism and corruption in our party end now, and all leaders will start answering to the people instead.

Chip Forrester and his unelected mob of liars and malcontents who hate Democrats and say that we are stupid don't have to wait -- his mob can leave now and work for the Bob Corker campaign and stop using money from Democrats to help Corker and his Republicans."


October 15, 2012

Clayton Campaign Sets Record Straight With Editors of the Commercial Appeal -- Mark Clayton Is Running a Strong Campaign -- Political Opponents and Corker On the Run

Mr. Peck,

Upon reading the errant myths in the Commercial Appeal on October 8th claiming that Mark Clayton had asked Bob Corker to a debate and that Bob Corker had refused, we were all left scratching our heads. Neither ever happened. Our campaign has repeatedly answered to the press and supporters when questioned that we are available for any debate but not asking for a debate. The issue of whether there is a TN Senate debate is no longer our problem for which to answer. Voters can make up their mind based on what Bob Corker does or does not do at this point.

The article's author, Mr. Locker, himself, told Mr. Clayton categorically early last week that he had gone back and read and realized as a journalist, that Mr. Clayton had indeed never either challenged or asked Bob Corker to a debate. We even sent a follow-up release on October 12th in clarification essentially repeating our position on this matter for the sole benefit of the Commercial Appeal without resorting to the ugly path of "demanding a retraction." Although sent solely for the benefit of Mr. Locker and the Commercial Appeal, the entire point of the follow-up release fell upon deaf ears.

It is now October 15th, and we have not heard a peep from the Commercial Appeal regarding either a long-overdue correction or update.

Even more errant, Mr. Locker also added that Bob Corker turned Mark Clayton down for a debate -- none of this ever happened, and there is no record. Bob Corker has said nothing about potential debates that any of us have ever heard, hence we have now said that Corker is hiding and a chicken.

Our supporters believe that the Commercial Appeal, as a legitimate and professional news source, will abandon these myths and will set the record straight, once and for all, so that we can move on to the real issues affecting our lives.

Additionally, we feel that for the most part, Mr. Locker tried to cover our campaign fairly and without ill-intent. However, we strongly suspect that due to the long interview which Mark Clayton gave Mr. Locker, other editors cut out half of the article to favor Corker and only talk about him, making the article even more lacking, but in this aspect not Mr. Locker's fault.

So not only are readers of the Commercial Appeal left misinformed, the article also leaves readers uninformed. Only one person can benefit from the misinformation and lack of information, Bob Corker.

The hard fact is that Bob Corker has little to gain from the spotlight, and the Clayton Campaign does not need anything from Bob Corker yet is not afraid of him either.

Our staff of volunteers as well as supporters, such as the Marion County Democratic Women, are getting the Clayton Campaign message to hundreds of thousands of voters regardless of who notices and without anyone's permission.

If any more of the press or voters want to know about TN US Senate debates, ask Bob Corker, not us. As of this letter, we have now answered clearly thrice.

We feel that Mr. Locker is an excellent journalist who did not intentionally misrepresent the truth, but we will not let false characterizations and untrue statements regarding Mark Clayton stand. Mark Clayton supporters do not need anything from Bob Corker, and neither does Tennessee, including debates to hear Bob Corker's small ideas.

And if Bob Corker, as that same errant article suggests, truly were in such a strong position, which he is not, he would not need additional help from errant myths generated and left to stand at the Commercial Appeal, where excellence in setting high standards for journalism is a priority.

Your Obedient Servants,
Clayton Campaign

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